Playground designed by kids, built by volunteers

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Most children look forward to time on the playground during their school day. A dream play space will become a reality for some Baltimore school kids when they return to the classroom in the fall.

The kids did the early work.  This new playground on the home of the Kipp Harmony Academy and the Ujima Village Academy was designed by kids in an event back in May.
Today, it was the adults' turn to make that design a reality.

More than 200 volunteers did the heavy lifting.  Folks from Kipp: Baltimore, Carmax, Kaboom and neighborhood residents were making quick work of this neighborhood opportunity.
Sponsor Carmax has gone all in.
"We're gonna build 30 playgrounds throughout the United States," said Darren Newberry.  "We're gonna affect the lives of over a hundred thousand kids."
"It really helps the community because it provides a sense of ownership, it provides a sense of community," said Evan Mynatt, Project Manager at Kaboom!. "It's an opportunity to meet other folks and really see that there are positive things happening in this community."
The new playground is going to provide over 500 kids in the nearby Park Heights community a safe place to have fun.
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