Paul's Place helps keep the power on

BALTIMORE - There are lights on at Donnell Bradford's place, and that means he's warm.  BGE has kept the power on.

"You can't live off a little disability check," said Bradford.    

That disability goes back to the time Donnell was 12 years old.  He was diagnosed with bone cancer.

"I fell down the steps and broke my knee where I had the cancer at," said Bradford.    

Now at 28, he's had about 100 surgeries and has gone in and out of jobs because of the pain.  So his BGE bill was over $1,000 before the Southwest Baltimore community group "Paul's Place" stepped in. 

"We see people coming from all different backgrounds.  We have many working families who have many other bills and just have chosen to neglect their BGE bill," said Sadie Smith, Deputy Director, Pault's Place.    

That was Bradford's case.  He tried to pay for his mother's funeral, and BGE was put to the side.

"For Section 8 residents, there is a potential to become evicted if in fact their electricity is turned off," said Smith.   

Paul's Place helped 150 families keep their power on last year.  They partner with the Fuel Fund of Maryland, FEMA and BGE.

"I'm thankful that I'm still living for me to be able to go to their program to help me," said Bradford.    

If you or someone you know can benefit from the services of Paul's Place, you can call:  410-625-0775.


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