Orioles players create ballpark memories for cancer-diagnosed children

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - The Baltimore Orioles took time before their game to sign autographs and take numerous photographs. However, this was no ordinary "Meet and Greet." The Cool Kids campaign paired up with the team for a program called "Buses for Baseball," to give a few cancer diagnosed kids the chance to meet their heroes.

50 children were chosen to have one-on-ones with players such as Ryan Flaherty, J.J. Hardy, and Adam Jones. Each of the players took pictures, and signed personalized baseball cards for the children. The program also provides transportation, game tickets, and free souvenirs.

"It's amazing to have the opportunity to meet them one on one, with our family it means a lot," says Meredith Kelly. Kelly's daughter, Allison, was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2011 and the event was their way of celebrating Allison's finishing her chemotherapy.

The Cool Kids campaign is designed to improve the quality of life for children who have cancer. Along with their group activities they offer tutoring, care packages, and other support services.

Paul Glaudeman speaks highly of his experience with the campaign. His daughter Lauren received a blood transplant two years ago, and her illness has affected her ability to walk.  "They've supported us. It's always nice to talk to people with similar situations, and it's a small community and everybody pitches in and cares for each other," he says.

Each of the players dedicated their time, money, and support to the cause to shed light on the issues affecting those in need. For more information about the cause, please visit http://www.coolkidscampaign.org/.

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