New baby giraffe welcomed to The Maryland Zoo

A new baby giraffe was welcomed to The Maryland Zoo Thursday, June 15. The 143 pound, six-foot-tall boy was born at 5:49 a.m.

About 20 minutes after birth, zoo staff say they noticed the calf was not actively nursing.

As a response Zoo staff and veterinarians began a supplement feeding for the calf to help provide him with the necessary nutrition needed to survive.

Kesi, the calf’s mother, is very attentive and protective of her baby, said mammal collection and conservation manager, Erin Cantwell.

Giraffe calves typically grow three centimeters tall each day during the first week, nearly doubling their height in their first year.

The public is not able to view mother and calf bonding in the giraffe house just yet.  The building will be closed for the first few days to provide both mother and baby with peace and quiet. 

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