More crossing guards needed in Baltimore

Baltimore doesn't have enough crossing guards right now, and the City Council is well aware of that. 

64 crossing guard positions have been lost since the beginning of school in 2015, and 30 corners in the city have been abandoned because there are fewer than 30 kids crossing the street -- and there aren't enough guards to spare.

Now the City Council is hoping the mayor's budget will fund 44 more positions to solve those issues.

As a councilwoman said, crossing guards aren't just there to help children cross the streets. They break up fights, they're another authority figure for children, and they keep pedestrians safe.

"They're part of our safety networks for the smallest of our citizens," said Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, District 14. "And I have never had more complaints about speeding traffic from more neighborhoods than I have right today. And of all times to reduce crossing guards, this ain't it."

The next step is to look at the finances and see how much money can be allocated for crossing guard personnel.

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