Match Day brings mix of emotions for future doctors

Friday was Match Day at the University of Maryland's School of Medicine – the day when the medical school students find out where they will start their careers as doctors.

About 150 students gathered in historic Davidge Hall for what is considered an annual rite of passage. Students open sealed envelopes which take them to the next phase of their medical careers.

Soon to be married next month, Kevin Affum and bride-to-be Novlette ranked their favorite programs so that they would end up in the same program at the same hospital to star their careers and marital bliss together.

"Can't believe that this day has come. We started medical school in 2009 and here we are. We are just so super excited," Affum said.

Affum was the only one in the room full of anxiety. There was plenty to go around as future doctors waited for their names to be called.

"It was very anxious leading up to it, just not knowing where you could be or where everyone in the class was going to be next year," said Tara Suntum. "It's very exciting to finally know that you have friends everywhere across the country.

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