Maryland Zoo elephant, Samson, continues to recover

The five year old elephant, Samson, at the Maryland Zoo, is recovering from his illness - elephant endotheliotropic. 

Zoo staff said they are seeing daily improvement in his attitude and behavior. "Samson's activity level is back to normal most days now," stated Mike McClure. "We know from other elephant experts that he will have up and down days, as one might expect from any patient recovering from a potentially fatal disease. But we are very optimistic that he will recover fully in the long term."


"We are extremely proud of Samson's recovery so far, and we are moving in the right direction as he shows significant improvement each day," concluded McClure.  "We hope to have him out in the main elephant yard in few weeks when the weather warms up and guests will have a chance to see him playing with a variety of new toys that we are currently installing. We cannot thank our members and guests enough for their support, calls, letters and emails during this time.  It has meant a lot to all of the staff here at the Zoo to know that people care about his health and well-being and are so supportive of our efforts to provide him the best possible care."

Samson's medications have been tapered off in the passed few weeks from 3 times daily to 2 times daily and will eventually be once a day. 

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