Jurors still trying to come up with a verdict in Phylicia Barnes murder trial

BALTIMORE - Jurors are still trying to come up with a verdict in the Phylicia Barnes murder trial.

Day three of jury deliberations will begin this morning.

Jurors got the case on Monday and spent yesterday going over evidence.

Late in the afternoon they asked to watch two videotapes the state showed earlier in the trial.

Jurors wanted to see surveillance video from Wal-mart of the defendant Michael Johnson, buying a plastic tub.

They also re-watched that infamous sex tape involving Johnson, Barnes, and two other people.

The state says Johnson killed Barnes then put her body in a container and dumped it in the Susquehanna River.

His lawyers insist the state never proved a motive.

ABC2 News' Brian Kuebler has been in court since the trial started and he will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes down.

Follow him on Twitter (@TVTerp) for all the latest information.

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