Jacoby Jones' Mom celebrates son's success on and off field

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Front and center on the sidelines is nothing new for Emily London Jones.  She has never missed a dance.

This season our Raven turned Rumba dancer isn't jumping for the ball on the gridiron, his acrobatic moves are on the dance floor.

"I am very proud of my son, when he's dancing, I'm dancing in my seat or standing while's he's dancing.  Just like the football games I'm like almost on the sidelines, I'm right there at the end zone jumping and cheering just as much as any other fan," Jones said.

But this super fan/Mom was really a lot more when Jacoby was growing up.

Jones was part coach; never missing a game.

A fabulous cook who made dinner for the entire team when the ravens were in town for the super bowl; Jones was a single mom who always did her best.

"I circled him around men doing sports at the park, giving him a little tough love that he needed, those things.  I knew that I could not be a man or a father per say but i tried to be the best mother that I could be," Jones said.

 Now Emily is a grandmother.

"To see that my son, a real father, a caring father, and he's showing that now, he loves that little boy," Jones said.

A role model herself, she went back to school when Jacoby was only 3...rising to the ranks of the Director of Financial Aid at her alma mater, Xavier University in Louisiana.

"I said I had to do it.  I'm a single mom in a man's world, so I had to get a master's degree," Jones said.

An advocate, she made sure he went back for his degree after he was drafted by the

She remembers what started off as a happy time in Houston turned ugly when he dropped a punt during a playoff game against the Ravens.

"For someone to threaten my child, death threats to egg the house to burn his jersey, my heart just dropped," Jones said.

Fast forward to the next year, his first season as a Raven.  January 2013 this big catch propels the Ravens in their Super Bowl run.

Now Jones is with him in Los Angeles, even followed by the paparazzi, as he dances his heart away for the mirror ball trophy.

"I'm still pinching myself in a sense.  Is this for real?   It's a blessing," Jones said.

And whether he wins or loses, Jones says they're just enjoying the games whether it's the Super Bowl or the Samba.

"Right now Jacoby is having fun and I'm having fun because he is having fun.  The support that I want to be there for him I can continue to give it to him, no matter what he does.  It's just a happy moment for us," Jones said.

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