Invasive snail stopped at the Port


The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists have discovered a Succinea costaricana or an Amber Slug, a quarantined pest, at the Port of Baltimore. 
The snail is known to live in Central America and damages ornamental plats and poses a potential threat to the ornamental plant industry. 
The snail was discovered on March 27 on the exterior of a shipping container loaded with bags of cardamom seasoning from Guatemala. 
The cardamom will be stripped from the container and the cargo and container will be thoroughly inspected. The cargo may be released to the importer if no further pests are found mixed in with the cargo. 
"CBP agriculture specialists take their job of detecting foreign invasive plants and plant pests very seriously," said Ricardo Scheller Port Director for the Port of Baltimore. "This is another example of our agriculture specialists performing a thorough inspection and finding a new potential threat to the U.S. agriculture industry."
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