Fundraiser organized for Canton man beaten by brick

BALTIMORE - The family of a Canton man beaten with a brick last week say they are amazed by the outpouring of support their family has received in the wake of the attack.

Melissa Castone, the sister of Jonathan Fogg, spoke with ABC2 Wednesday, detailing her brother's recovery and the effort to help raise money to assist with his bills.

Fogg was beaten as he returned home from work last Wednesday. He was left with skull fractures and had at least eight of his teeth knocked out according to his family. Castone organized a fundraising page to help with her brother's recovery.  That GoFundMe page, which she says started with a modest $500 goal, is now up to $23,000 in donations from more than 600 people.

"We are absolutely stunned at how well the site has been doing," Castone told us.

Castone says her brother, a Baltimore Sun editor, is covered by medical and dental insurance, but Jon will likely require dental reconstructive surgery and dental implants, which are not always covered. Research she says, indicates the work could cost as much as $4,000 per tooth.

"There are things that are just not covered and he will be out of work for quite some time. So the money will definitely be helpful in those cases. You never know what you're going to need the money for, there could be complications in the future and that needs to be anticipated," Castone said.

Castone visited Fogg last weekend.

She says he's in a great deal of pain and heavily medicated. Sadly, for his family, the attack has been a confirmation of their fears about urban living. Fogg is from a rural town in New Jersey and Castone says his family was worried whether Baltimore would be safe. As for coming to grips with the beating, Castone says, "He's very upset this happened. It's a surreal experience. He can't believe this is all taking place and it does seem like a nightmare."

Fogg's community is rallying around him though. Stay Classy Canton has organized a fundraiser to help with his recovery. On Feb. 5 seven restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds as part of the "Count on Canton" event.

For now, Castone says Fogg is staying with family. When asked about his future in the city of Baltimore, she said, "I don't even think he knows the answer to that question. I know he really enjoys doing what he does for the Baltimore Sun but as far as the future holds, we just don't know."

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