Fans celebrate win in Federal Hill


Snow may have been falling outside of MaGerk's in Federal Hill, but the spirits inside the bar were shining bright.

Every play got a cheer from anxious fans during the entire first half of the game.

Baltimore City police officers were out in full force with a mission to keep fans safe. 

ABC2 News crews spotted more than 30 officers in a two block radius of Charles Street, where there are usually about four officers.

A Major with the department said that all bars on Charles Street between Hamburg and West Streets were at capacity, but that didn't stop some Ravens fans. 

Several people were reported watching the game from glass doors and windows.

It wasn't until the second half of the game that fans in downtown Baltimore began to sweat.

The bar went silent with just 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter.  The anticipation of a Super Bowl victory was building.

With a return in the last minutes of the game, the Ravens take the Lombardi Trophy.

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