Families threatened for seats at M&T Bank Stadium

BALTIMORE - Some of their earliest memories will be of the Ravens coming home to Baltimore as Super Bowl Champions.
"It was just a good opportunity for them to appreciate the Ravens.  It's a piece of history and I just wanted them to be part of it."

But for one mother from Perry Hall, a chance to let her 7 and 12-year old daughters witness history ended up jeopardizing their lives.
With standing room only at the stadium and the gates closed off, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh addressed the crowd.
"They broke down the barriers behind Ray Lewis and mobbed the streets, right?  They filled the streets.  This city's going crazy!"

But during his address, in Section 119, one section removed from the field where the Ravens entered the stadium, our mother of two was fighting off people who had crashed Gate C intent on taking fans' seats by force if necessary.
"I was physically fighting them off to not trample my children and to trample the other children that were with us.  They were yelling racial slurs.  They said that if we didn't move, they were going to stab us... like all this craziness."

Ernest Woodward noticed the commotion from his vantage point in the Upper Level.

"They were climbing over the wall where the bleachers are, and that's when they did all that crazy stuff up there."

The mother of two, who will remain anonymous for her own safety, says three rows full of fans and their children had to push past the aggressors, giving up the seats they'd claimed three hours earlier and ultimately leaving the stadium without celebrating anything… except for the fact they had escaped with their lives.
"I know a lot of people had a great time and a memorable time and I think that's wonderful, but I just feel like this needs to be heard, because it was really unsafe and I really feel that the police were completely outnumbered and they couldn't have helped us if they tried, and they did try."

On Facebook, some people have offered the mother and her children tickets to future games, while others have blamed her for taking her daughters there.

She says she just wants security to learn from this experience and to be better prepared for any similar celebrations in the future.

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