DWTS: Behind-the-scenes with an audience supervisor

LOS ANGELES (WMAR) - Before the music, dancing, and scoring, this is what it looks like behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars."

It's Debbie Clark's job to know every name on that list and to make sure everyone has a seat for the big show.

Clark's title is "audience supervisor."

While folks are outside going through security waiting to get in, Clark is inside setting the stage.

"[There is] lots of checking and double checking, and then there's this big seating chart that I hand write with every single name in.  Once they come in they just kind of look for their names," Clark said.

It's not high tech, it's a piece of paper, and on this night there are 750 names on it.

"It can be very stressful definitely.  Sometimes I don't maybe get all the names in time.  The celebrities' names or we have last minute additions to the celebrities' guest list or actual celebrities call up and hey we want to come to the show today," Clark said.

When you see Jacoby's mom Emily in the audience, family and friends are always nearby.  It's Clarks job to make that happen.

"I'm also in charge of just making sure it looks good in here.  People are clapping, people are happy, and there's just making sure everyone is properly placed with their group and everybody's families are all together and fried are all together so they can be a cheering section," Clark said.

And they love celebrities.  That is why they are always up front in camera shot.  Remember the quick cameo of Torrey Smith when he came to cheer on Jacoby?

This is Clark's 13th season with the show, you could say she's a people pleaser who takes a lot of pride in her work.

"I like to make it look good on TV and I like to make a lot of people happy.  Everyone is always happy when they leave here," Clark said.

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