Delegate says he's 'amazed at how many Mexicans' are working on Baltimore school renovation

BALTIMORE - UPDATE (6 p.m.) -- Del. Curt Anderson, a democrat who represents Baltimore, was caught on tape over the weekend making a racially insensitive remark.  The comment came as Anderson was speaking at a legislative breakfast for the League of Women Voters Saturday.  

While discussing the importance of education and the need to provide solid schools for students everywhere, Anderson mentioned a school he recently toured.

"Actually went through there last week and these guys, you know, these guys are scurrying to get everything done.  And I was amazed at how many Mexicans they had working on that school.  Should be more African-American or minority contractors, but still," Anderson said.

The audio (which can be heard at the 1:30 mark) was recorded by Dennis McIver, who cohosts the City that Breeds podcast.  It was posted online by a blogger at the Quinton Report over the weekend.

ABC2 contacted Delegate Anderson for a response.  Reached by phone Monday evening, Anderson said he was trying to point out the lack of African-American workers being used on that particular job, saying they were outnumbered and that the unemployment rate for African-Americans in Baltimore is high.  Anderson says he wants to see more African-American contractors used in the city. 

The lawmaker's comment followed statements he made about the need to "make sure Baltimore stays strong," something he said involves making sure everybody has the same opportunities.  

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