Council member proposes plans for residents of Camp 83

Resolution for homeless eviction

It's called Camp 83, a group of about 15 homeless people who live underneath an on-ramp off I-83.  Baltimore city wants them evicted by Friday, but a group of council members are hoping to get the deadline extended and get them better living conditions.

According to a news release from Mary Pat Clarke, the councilwoman plans to introduce a resolution at tonight's council meeting to help the people who call Camp 83 home.  She is asking the city to give more time so the camp's residents can find other housing options.

Clarke says several charities and groups are in the process of getting housing-vouchers for the Camp 83 residents, which is a time-consuming process.  Advocates are asking for the council to extend the deadline to June or to find transitional housing for the residents while the permanent housing vouchers are still being approved.

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