Community mourns death of Baltimore man shot in botched robbery

BALTIMORE - On the same day one of their own was laid to rest, a community comes together to make sure his death isn't in vain.

Jose Abreu, 49, was shot and killed January 9 as he worked in his family store on South Smallwood Street.

Abreu's family members say they are counting on their faith to get them through.
"Whatever happens we are going to leave it up to God. There's no anger between us and the other person because that's not us. We want to pray for that person," Abreu's brother in-law Jose Melo said through a translator.
They are praying for the person who shot Abreu in cold blood.
It happened January 9 around 2:30 in the afternoon.
Police say there was an altercation between a suspect, Abreu, and a female employee when the shots were fired.
Melo says Abreu was his brother in-law and that it is his wife who was also shot that day.
He says she is at home now but not doing well.
"That's what happened, why she didn't come because she's not feeling better. She died yesterday in the morning for five seconds," said Melo.
Neighbors hope their presence will be a comfort to the family but they are also looking to wake this community up.
Cynthia Tensley lives right around the corner from where the shooting happened. 
"We use names like snitch and other kinds of names to intimidate people to make them afraid and think that they're doing something wrong. And a lot of people just believe the lie," Tensley said. 
Tensley says it can't just be after a loss that people join forces. She tells ABC2 that working together is what will really make an impact. 
"I just hope that this isn't the end of it. That it's a nice warm fuzzy thing and then we go back to business as usual. I hope that people really start to think and start making better choices," said Tensley.
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