BPD provides update on case of doctor accused of filming patients

Outside the East Baltimore campus of Johns Hopkins Medicine, where Dr. Nikita Levy was a gynecologist for 25 years, Marquetta Brown is glad she followed her motherly instincts.

"I kept asking well who would be able to perform her GYN and he was coming through and overheard me talking to the receptionist and he was like I'll do it, I'll do it.  And I said who's that.  She said oh that's just Dr. Levy," said Brown.     

That was two years ago.  Brown took her 14-year-old daughter to another doctor.

"That's a little weird, never seen a doctor so eager," said Brown.    

For Brown, the allegations are not surprising.  Levy was found dead of an apparent suicide inside his Towson home a few weeks after he was fired from Johns Hopkins Medicine where photography and video equipment was found along with images of patients. 

"Detectives have a lot of material that they have to comb through, servers and servers and hard drives and hard drives worth of information that needs to be forensically analyzed," said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore police spokesman.    

Police are going through Levy's entire career.  If a victim is identified, investigators will contact the patient.

Sexual assault attorney Steve Kelly said levy's former patients should get legal advice right now.

"You would have a statutory right to sue anybody who produced the images, who possessed the images, who distributed the images, basically anybody in the chain of custody," said Kelly.    

And if Levy stored images on work computers, Kelly says Johns Hopkins could be held accountable.  Police are investigating if the recordings were shared.

If so, the victims' pool of legal rights will grow.  They may also have access to Levy's estate.

"It's sad that he took his own life but he knew that he committed multiple crimes," said Brown.   

There are two numbers to pass along.  On Tuesday, police set up a tip line: 410-396-2269.  Also, they have partnered with the group Turnaround to offer counseling:  443-279-0379.

Dr. Nikita Levy
Dr. Nikita Levy got his Maryland medical license in 1988.  His entire career, he was a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine treating over 1,000 patients.
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A dedicated telephone hotline has been established and can be reached by calling 410-396-2269.

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