Baltimore blogger's viral post starts a conversation on city crime

Author of 'Baltimore breaking my heart' speaks

BALTIMORE - Tracey Halvorsen is a business owner and homeowner in the city, who said she thought about her words for six months before going public.  Still she is surprised by how many people have read her blog titled " Baltimore City, you're breaking my heart.

Halvorsen runs an interactive marketing business.  Fastspot employs 14 people, mostly graduate students from MICA.

Considering her investment in the city, she said she is frustrated and sad with the crime around her.  Halvorsen mentions the 12-year-old girl robbed at gunpoint on her way to Patterson Park Charter Public School and the brutal attack of a Baltimore Sun editor.

"Maybe somebody will read this and it will be the straw that broke the camel's back and it will actually make somebody stand up and say let's make some real changes," said Halvorsen.   

Halvorsen has blogged before but no other posting has been shared and read like this one. The post reached Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake's desk.

"One of the things that is frustrating to me when I read it was how difficult it is to convey how important this is to me and the fact that I work on this issue every single day," Rawlings-Blake said.   

In response, there's a blog titled " Baltimore City, you're not breaking my heart." The post begins with the opening line, "What breaks my heart is when someone gets so much attention from complaining instead of acting."

Tracey Halvorsen said she just wants the focus to be on reducing the senseless crime.

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