Bernstein: Baltimore police officers will not face charges in Tyrone West's death

BALTIMORE, Md. - The Baltimore police officers involved with the in-custody death of Tyrone West will not face any charges.

Tyrone West died in police custody this past July after he was pulled over on Kelway Road in Northeast Baltimore.

For months his family and witnesses who saw the arrest claimed excessive force by the officers which may have caused his death.

Thursday, the Baltimore City State's Attorney made the determination those claims are simply not true and the officers acted within the appropriate guidelines.

Gregg Bernstein spent about 40 minutes this afternoon explaining what his office called an extensive and thorough investigation which detailed how West died after a 15 minute struggle with police.

West's struggle to resist arrest, or battle the state's attorney called it was shown by the medical examiner's report to bring on cardiac arrhythmia Bernstein said, but the efforts by police to subdue him were by the book.

"Our investigation concluded that none of the officers involved in this incident acted with the intent to cause death or serious physical injury nor were their actions a gross deviation from the standard of care used by officers to subdue an active and violently resisting suspect," Bernstein said.         

The state's attorney also noted West had about a gram of cocaine on him and had three prior convictions of resisting arrest in his past.

Bernstein also said he and his team met with the West family Thursday for more than an hour to go over the details of his findings.

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