Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week Rachael Park heading to Princeton

Senior co-captain has nat'l team ambitions.

BALTIMORE - Going to let you in on a little secret. 

If you are looking for a your high schooler to land an athletic scholarship, make sure they love the sport first.  And nobody loves field hockey more than Bryn Mawr's Rachel Park.  This Princeton bound senior is this weeks Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.

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This Rachel Park is pretty good.  "As a kid I've always been competitive," said this Princeton bound senior.  But it's more than that. Its talent, smarts and as Buck Showalter says, a lot of want-to.  Co-captain Rachel is in her fourth varsity season.  She played twice for the Junior Olympic team and plays on Futures.  That is the best of the best. Highest level you can go!

Coach Jeanette Budzik says, "I admire her for that."

Coach says, when you play at such a high level, you tend not to show your skills at practice.  Rachel shares her skills to make her team better.

Rachel says, "I just want to learn, and get better at every practice."

Rachel is a pusher.  Pushing herself to get better on the field and in the classroom.  She is taking a heavy load with demanding courses.  Now the push is on for her dream to come true.

"I want to play for the National Team or make the Olympics." says Rachel.

Coach says, its realistic we could be seeing another Olympian from Bryn Mawr.

"I forget to coach and become a fan watching her and her skills, she really is that good", say Budzik, who is also the Dean of Students.

This Rachel Park is pretty good.  She is the Bel Air Honda Student Athlete of the Week.


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