BARCS workers say 24 dog fighting survivors in 'good' condition

BALTIMORE - It started as a drug investigation, but turned into the biggest dog fighting bust Baltimore has ever seen. Now, 24 survivors, ranging from just weeks old to five years, are being held at BARCS.

"In general, they're in pretty good condition," BARCS' Executive Director Jennifer Brause said. "They're a little on the thin side. Many of them do have scarring, whether it's old scars or fresh wounds."

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Brause introduced ABC2 to one of the survivors: 4-month-old Angel. She says the pup was probably too young to take part in the fighting, and has no significant scarring.

"Overall she's in good condition. She's a little on the thin side, but you can see here, though, unfortunately, they cut her ears. This is not a procedure done by a vet; it's unfortunately done by very bad people," she said.

Brause said overall, most of the dogs from the recent bust are in good condition, and pending evaluation, they could be adopted.

"This is organized," said Eric Vocke, Founder Baltimore Bully Crew. "That's why it exists because it's bigger than anyone sees and it's more structured than anybody sees."

Vocke's non-profit works to help rescue the animals, and spread the word about the harms of dog abuse. He's rescued more than 15 dogs from fighting rings and nursed them back to health.

"It happens everyday," he said. "It's happening right now. It happens in every city, in every state. It was pretty gut wrenching, it was devastating to be honest with you."

He's hoping he can help out with the 24 survivors from the recent bust.

BARCS workers say they're holding the dogs until the investigation is complete. Any dogs that are not able to be adopted could be sent to other rescues or be humanely euthanized.

If you'd like to help, BARCS workers say they're always in need of monetary donations. They also say they're constantly at capacity, and adopting a dog would open room for more pups like these to move in.

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