Baltimore woman starts animal safety awareness campaign after police shoot her dog


She wasn't even involved in the police call, but she is now.

Stacy Fields is going public to protect our animals after losing her dog on New Year's Day.

"I want to let people know that this happen," she said. The first thing I said was I've heard the story before I never thought it's going to be my dog."

On New Year's Day police showed up one street over to break up a fight between a man and a woman.  The man took off and ran around the corner, down an alley and hid under her steps.

Fields said "the policemen had his gun drawn on the guy, Kincaid walk out onto the porch he heard the commotion and barked

Her stepfather then went outside to see what was happening.

"The officer told my stepfather to get his dog, the officer then turn his back away from the suspect and shot six times missing Kincaid with the first three but hitting him with last three times twice in the head and once in the body," she said.

Fields understands that there are situations when an officer has to make a split second decision if he feels threatened.

"I understand if he felt that way, I'm not saying that he didn't," she said. "But there were other steps he could have taken other than shooting him. even if he felt he had to shoot him did he have to shoot him in his head."

Since the incident Fields' family has started a Facebook page, several petitions and an awareness campaign to protect household animals.





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