Baltimore mayor defends handling of speed camera program

BALTIMORE - If you hoped Baltimore City's speed cameras would never come back online, then keep dreaming.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake said that despite a history of problems and incorrect tickets, the program will be back eventually and with a new vendor.

The mayor says it's irresponsible to scrap the plan when they know it has a safety impact. Instead, she says they've got to find a solution and a company to handle the cameras effectively.

"That's what I'm about," Rawlings-Blake said. "It's not throwing the baby out with the bath water because we had an unsuccessful relationship with a previous vendor. It's about making sure we get it right."

As for claims the city isn't being transparent about problems, Rawlings-Blake said as soon as they found bad cameras, they were shut down, the tickets were voided and refunds were given.

And she stressed, you can still fight them.

As for a new vendor, the mayor said the city is still searching for one. Rawlings-Blake said the company they choose will not use a so-called bounty system, where the vendor gets a portion of the tickets they issue.

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