Baltimore helps the homeless during Code Blue alert

BALTIMORE - Wayne Perry agreed to leave his home.  You may see it as a tent, but since August, he considered it bricks and mortar until the snow came crashing down.

"I have no home no more.  It's gone, it's all broken up from the snow plows on top of the bridge last night.  They shoved all of that stuff on top of my tent," said Perry. 

That snow fell onto Fallsway below Interstate 83.  Friday afternoon, Perry and his neighbors got a visit from people in the city, announcing a Code Blue alert.

"I'm all bundled up, and when I'm done with you I'll go get back into the truck and then I'll go home tonight.  So I'll experience the warmth.  This is dangerous," said Linwood Ingram, Health Care Access of Maryland

Health Care Access of Maryland sends workers out every day to check on the homeless.  But on Friday, they were begging their clients to come inside.

You got an icicle dripping off your chin.  That's how cold it is out here," said Perry.         

Perry keeps his sense of humor as he turns his back on his belongings.

"What I got in there might be gone by the time I get back," said Perry.     

But at least he'll be able to come back following a night in the shelter.

"I wouldn't say this is fit for man or beast, and since I'm a beast I'm leaving," said Perry.    

Perry's neighbors also agreed to go in for the day, convinced no amount of layers or blankets will be enough.

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