Painted Palette opens studio space in Mt. Washington

Let's paint this town

BALTIMORE - Paint fumes, wine fumes, perfumes -- they're the scintillating scents that permeate the air at The Painted Palette of Baltimore, one of Mt. Washington's newest businesses. 

Watch the video for an inside look at The Painted Palette.

The studio is located in the blue building right next door to the Mt. Washington Tavern. 

"Its so much fun", said Brooke Blumberg, a co-owner. 

Before the canvas, they made house calls and road trips. 

We use to go to home for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, girls night out," Becca Hauser, Blumberg's business partner, said.  

The two tout a no-experience-necessary approach to painting.  Painting a spare room, or doodling sloppy stick figures more than suffice. 

"Do something you would think you could never do before you walked in," Hauser said.

Hauser and Blumberg help clients recreate a painting step-by-step over a glass of wine or beer. Yes, the studio is BYOB

They provide the paint and brushes. You supply the beer or wine. The Painted Palette is located at 5708 Newbury Street, Baltimore, MD 21209.

For times and special events, check out the studio calendar here


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