911 call: 'I killed all these people'

BALTIMORE, Md. - It was the morning of Jan. 10  when the Baltimore city tactical unit and special equipment locked down the area around 2100 North Charles St.

Detectives already found one man shot dead in his car on Maryland Avenue before finding Robert Hopkins in an apartment of a nearby building.      

They say he killed himself, but not before he called 911.

"I am gonna have the gun to my chin the whole time," Hopkins told a 911 dispatcher.  "I am gonna have it on there.  I will let you see my hands first."

The 911 call released to ABC2 Thursday are about a half hour long and a lot of it is unintelligible as Hopkins was screaming and rambling to the dispatcher.

Hopkins calms down enough eventually telling the operator he wants police to prevent him from killing himself because he has a story to tell.

"I know you are scared.  I know you are scared," the dispatcher said.

"I'm not scared," yelled Hopkins. "I don't want to kill myself and you guys don't get the story.  That's what I am saying."

The story Baltimore police are still piecing together is of a two-week violent crime spree.

Detectives knew Hopkins killed a man in his car on Maryland Avenue the early morning of that barricade, but through ballistics police have also connected him to the murder of Jose Abreu and the nonfatal shooting of another woman at the Latino American Deli and Grocery in Southwest Baltimore the day prior.

Sources say the Hopkins spree could include several other murders and plenty more shootings, crimes he alludes to toward the end of his 911 call.

"This is what I am saying, hear me out.  I killed all these people.  I am already done sir.  You understand me? ….Please don't let me kill myself I am begging you don't let me kill myself please," pleaded Hopkins. 

The dispatcher responded saying, "you don't have to," and continued to instruct him to walk out of the building unarmed with his hands in the air.

The call ends with the 911 dispatcher patching in a negotiator.

Hopkins was later found dead with his handgun at his side.

Meanwhile detectives are working to piece together evidence they say link several other violent crimes back to Hopkins.

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