3 Johns Hopkins University employees get sick

BALTIMORE - Three Johns Hopkins University employees at the Keswick building have gotten sick this week.

According to a letter sent to employees from the University one of employees was taken to the hospital, another left work on her own, and the last returned to work already. Another employee was transported Monday.

The letter said that at least three of those four cases were not connected to the illness caused by an accidental introduction of sodium nitrate into the hot water heater two weeks ago.

The university acknowledged that employees could be experiencing stress because of the recent illnesses, and that stress can also cause similar symptoms to the sodium nitrate in the water: nausea, dizziness and headache.  

They also said that the water system had been flushed repeatedly and replaced. And when tested, it showed no signs of nitrates.

The restrooms and kitchenettes that used that portion of the water system are closed, and will remain closed until JH is cleared by the city to open them again.


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