16 Water mains break across Baltimore

Sub-zero temperatures blamed for few of the breaks

BALTIMORE - Sub-zero temperatures contributed to some of  the 16 water main breaks across Baltimore Tuesday. Officials however said the greater chance of pipe damage and breaks will come as temperatures start to rise and the metal pipes expand.

One of the pipes burst early Tuesday spewing water all over a sedan parked on North Avenue near Monroe Street. The photo quickly went viral as "the frozen car."

"Initially I'm thinking, ‘wow we're in an ice storm," Erika Lindsey, a Baltimore resident, said. "I thought that the whole city was like this when I looked outside. So it was comforting to see that it's only this block."

Lindsey owns a salon on North Avenue. Just outside her door, 3 inches of thick ice covers the road. She says crews have been working to fix a water main that broke early Tuesday morning.

Residents of Moyer Avenue and Walther Avenue went without water Tuesday afternoon.

"[It's been] very hard. You don't know what you have until you lose it," Kwabena Boateng, a Baltimore resident, said.

Officials said typically water main repairs don't take long. But because of the arctic temperatures, it could take crews more time to get things back to normal.


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