Woman uses pepper spray in attempted Arundel Mills robbery

HANOVER, Md. -  



She's not the first person who has ever stolen merchandise from Arundel Mills Mall, but 24-year old Cierra Bianca Scott may be one of its most notorious shoplifters.
Police say it all started when she tried to leave the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse with a pair of boots without paying for them.
"The store manager tried to stop her at the door.  At that time, she pulled out an OC or pepper spray canister and sprayed the manager with pepper spray," said Lt. T.J. Smith of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.
Police say the suspect then ran outside the mall where security caught up with her, but she wasn't ready to surrender just yet.
"The mall security and the loss prevention people from Off Broadway were able to detain her, at which time she tried to spray them again," said Lt. Smith, "They were able to spray her, but during that time, she pulled out a knife."
This time, they were able to detain Scott until police arrived, but she had left dozens of victims in her wake.
"All over a pair of boots, which would have been a theft case for her," said Lt. Smith, "It's turned into a robbery case.  It's turned into an assault case.  It turned into a felony with the robbery now." 
Not to mention 31 separate charges of second degree assault for each of the people who caught a whiff of that pepper spray inside the mall.
You see, this wasn't a pocket-sized canister of the stuff.
It was the industrial-sized like police use to break up disorderly crowds, and now instead of a misdemeanor charge of theft of less than a $100 worth of merchandise, she faces three dozen charges over a simple pair of boots.
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