Three dead, one critical in Odenton crash

ODENTON, Md. -  

Car parts are embedded in a tree.  Flowers are laid for three people who died here.

"It's supposed to be a family thing today.  It's supposed to be Jesus' resurrection.  You're supposed to be with your family, not getting a hardship phone call," said TJ Williams, who lives in Odenton.    

Three families in Odenton got that call sometime after 12:40 Sunday morning.  That's when police say a Subaru went off Piney Orchard Parkway and hit a light pole.  It turned around and hit a tree with the back end, and then it rolled and hit another tree with its roof. 

"They had two tow trucks actually here, one for the separate pieces from the vehicle and one for the actual vehicle itself.  It had no front engine," said Jean Gillespie, who lives near the crash scene. 

It took the fire department 30 minutes to get all four people out of the car.  David D'Augustine was in the Air Force stationed at Andrews.  He was the driver.

His best friend, Sam Schindler, was in the Navy stationed at Virginia Beach.  Katie Warrington was Sam's cousin.

They were all just 22 and pronounced dead at the scene. 

Michael Phillips was flown to Shock Trauma in critical condition.  He's 23.  Friends stopped by the scene.  A guy named Will was with the victims at a small house party Saturday night.    

"I'm sure in some toxicology result, they're going to find alcohol.  I don't know how much.  I didn't hang out for very long.  I just kind of had like a beer," he said.    

Police say speed was a factor, but they haven't speculated about drugs or alcohol.

The pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church came to the scene following Easter services.

"I decided to come by and see if there's anybody who still needed God's comfort and prayer," said Rev. Karen Gould.   

The entire community will need the comfort as days go on and the reality starts to set in.

"It's hard.  It's hard.  These are the people that you want to remain friends with, just kind of grow up appreciating life."

As of late Sunday night, Michael Phillips was in critical condition at Shock Trauma. 


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