Students report irritation in bathrooms


Several kindergartners and elementary school students at Richard Henry Lee Elementary School have complained of irritated skin after using school restrooms. 
According to a letter sent home to parents, several kindergartners, first and second graders went to the Heath Room and indicated that parts of their skin had become irritated. 
Officials have determined that the disinfectant used to clean the toilets in the first and second grade bathrooms may not have been adequately wiped from the toilet seats last night. 
The letter states the school system has used a hospital grade cleaning product called Dayquat 256 in the schools since the mid-1990s. It is diluted before it is used, and the school system has not yet encountered any problems with it. 
The students' symptoms were mild, and after consultation, parents were told to gently wash and rinse the irritated areas. 
According to Principal Chris Wooleyhand, there is no belief that any other bathrooms were affected by the issue, and the kindergartners affected used the first and second grade bathrooms. 
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