Severn dog reunites with family after surviving sub-zero temps

SEVERN, Md. - A Severn family's pet Boxer is back at home after going missing on a family trip and surviving more than a week in brutal winter weather.

Days after Christmas, Severn resident Jamie Cyrway was visiting family in North Anson, Maine when her dog Dempsey jumped a fence.

Cyrway and her family searched high and low for the dog, but when it came time to leave, there was still no sign of Dempsey.

"We went in vehicles calling his name, seeing if we had seen any signs of him. We expanded our territory that we covered.  Still no signs of him," Cyrway said.

Christine Pierce, a resident of the small town and a Boxer owner herself, went searching for Dempsey after seeing posters circulated on social media. Pierce ultimately found the dog and helped reunite him with his family.

"She said 'I have your dog'. And I was in tears and I'm like oh my God. I'm so thankful," Cyrway said.

Dempsey suffered some injuries, but had survived the winter storm. He is now home and on the mend.

"I think when we first met it seemed as if he was looking for us as much as we were looking for him," Cyrway said.

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