Ravens fans leaving for Denver

Free coffee and doughnuts for Ravens fans!

HANOVER, Md. - It's purple Friday, and while many of us are planning to watch the game on our couch, one group is getting ready to catch a flight to Denver.

B-More Around Town put together a trip to the playoffs and they are up bright and early.

They're meeting at Haney's Corners in Hanover for a Purple Pep Rally Send Off!

Ravens fans can put on your purple gear and join them for free doughnuts, pastries, coffee and hot chocolate from 4:30 to 7 a.m.

A group of at least 20 from B-More Around Town will be flying to Denver Friday morning. If you're headed to Denver, too, you can meet up with them at Stoney's Full Steam Tavern tonight, too!

Join the Purple Friday Caravan.  Get a schedule and locations here.

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