Owl safely removed from BWI

HANOVER, Md. - A feathered traveler almost grabbed a lift at BWI-Thurgood Marshall airport in late December, but had to be removed for safety reasons.

According to a release from BWI, a Snowy Owl found its way onto the property near one of the runways on Dec. 27.  Because of the potential danger to airplanes from the owl, officials set traps and caught the bird.  It was tagged and relocated on Dec. 28.

"Airlines and airports work hard to help prevent hazards related to bird strikes," said Paul Wiedefeld, CEO of the airport in a release.  "At BWI Marshall, we take a number of proactive measures to make aviation safer while protecting wildlife."

According to the release, there have been an increase in Snow Owl numbers in Maryland and those birds can be very dangerous to airplanes.  

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