Noni's Sauces celebrates National Sauce Month

SEVERNA PARK, Md. - SEVERNA PARK - If you're looking to have a family dinner night in, why not "sauce it up?"

"First and foremost there's a lot of love that goes into that," said Noni's Sauces' Darla Cornett.

There's also a list of ingredients that makes this sauce pop.

"It's a slow cook. It takes about 10 hours. That really lets the flavors blossom on its own. I think that's really important. Instead of just making a quick sauce," said Darla.

"I'm a very big believer in robust flavor, and that's what happens when you slow cook. And my favorite part about it is I add a little bit more cumin than usual. And that's where the sweetness comes in," Darla added.

Noni's Sauces is a small "From Farm to the Table" business is based out of Severna Park.

"We have a basil garlic marinara," said Darla. "It's just a family sauce that you sit down to and it's made with Maryland products and it's all natural. And we also have a spicier blend that called ‘Arrabbiata' which means ‘angry' in Italian."

These sauces are designed to make you smile and spend time with your family.

"It means a lot more than just cooking a hearty meal for my family. It means sitting down at the dinner table together and just showing them what true family is all about," Darla said.

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