Neuman not concerned with comments by Leopold

He was convicted of misconduct in office, resigned from his post and served time in jail.

But that hasn't stopped John Leopold from criticizing current Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman.

Leopold is currently serving 30 days of home detention, giving him time to write several letters to local newspapers. In them, he has criticized Neuman for her saying the county is falling behind in culture, attitude and investment.

Neuman says she's aware of the letters, and she isn't impacted by the comments.

"This is not a distraction to me," she said. "I'm here to serve this county. I love doing this every day, and it gets my full undivided attention. I wouldn't even call it a distraction. It barely registers on my day."

ABC2 News attempted to reach out to Leopold several times today, but he declined to comment.

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