Neighbors perform CPR to save mens' lives

A few errant life jackets, ropes and watercraft line the beach at bay ridge less than 24 hours after Jamie Martin and some other young boaters got caught in a ferocious storm here.
"We're running down the beach because we hadn't secured a piece of equipment, like lifejackets and a couple of paddle boards," said Martin, "Connor, who's my boyfriend, followed me out because I'm scared of thunder and he didn't want me being alone if I got scared."
As the wind picked up and the thunder grew louder, martin says she and 19-year old Conner Benson, along with 23-year old Alex Steele, all started racing even faster to gather up the last of their equipment.
"A moment before we were able to run inside, I looked at Connor and I said, 'Grab the lifejackets!' because they were starting to fly everywhere.  So I got in the bushes and I was picking up the lifejackets and I was like two feet from Connor and I heard a crack and I felt a jolt and then I just started screaming and running back to the house."
The two young men lie motionless on the beach, as a 911 call came into Anne Arundel County emergency managers.
"He's 19.  Okay.  Is he conscious?"
"Okay, honey.  I need you to take a deep breath."
"Is he conscious?"
"Is he breathing?"
Now, as paramedics raced against the clock to get to the young victims on the beach, help arrived in the form of some Good Samaritans who live nearby.
"When I was screaming and crying, our neighbors who are doctors and EMTs and we have a fireman as well, came out and started performing CPR before the ambulances arrived," said Martin.
"So in your mind, if they hadn't done that, they probably wouldn't have made it?"
"They would be dead just because one of them didn't have a heartbeat and the other wasn't breathing."
Paramedics transported the two men to Anne Arundel Medical Center where doctors have put them in medically-induced comas as they assess their injuries.
Tonight, they're listed in serious, but stable condition, and they're expected to bring them out of those comas this weekend.
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