Maryland Mega Millions lottery winner claims $189M jackpot


An Anne Arundel County man Friday claimed the second largest Maryland lottery jackpot in the state's history, 10 days after the record-breaking drawing, according to a release.

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The winner—who chose to remain anonymous—took the cash option and, after state and federal taxes, went home with an $86 million payday. The Mega Millions lottery jackpot reached $189 million at the time of the drawing on Oct. 1.

"We are blessed," the winner said.

The lucky ticker bearer said picking the right numbers came to him in a dream about his family.

"It's like they were talking to me about the numbers in the dream," he said in a release. "I prayed, ‘Lord, if you want this money to belong to me, guide my hand.'"

A relative called the winner on Oct. 2, a day after the drawing. The relative said he found out the ticket was sold at a gas station that the two frequent, the release states.

"I cried and I cried," he said. "Since the economy went down, our life has been tough."

The winner said he would share the money with a few family members to help them pay off their mortgages.

"Our winner found his fortune at Dash In, located at 7845 Quarterfield Road in Severn," a spokeswoman for the lottery said. "The retailer will earn a $100,000 commission for selling the ticket and the state of Maryland will receive more than $11.3 million in tax revenue."

Lottery officials said the winner hid the ticket inside of an unplugged lamp until Friday morning when he cashed the ticket.

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