Many Anne Arundel schools are running with partial heat

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Many schools are dealing with partial heat in buildings in Anne Arundel County.  At last check, there are 24 schools with problems.  The whole school is not out, but classrooms and other areas are dipping into the 50's.

At Piney Orchard Elementary, an e-mail went out to parents.  The principal said two classrooms are operating together as heating systems break. 

There are 12 areas with problems, and the temperature is down to 54 in some classrooms.  We heard many complaints about students having to tough out the cold inside their classrooms, but a spokesman says they are moving them to warmer areas.

"I just know some classes are at 54 degrees right now and that they're moving classes around," said Kim Davis, Piney Orchard Elemenetary parent.    

"I was in the lunch room where you get to eat and it was cold in there.  We had to wear our jackets," said Kaelinn Jarmer, Davis' daughter.  "I didn't want her to get sick."    

There were also complaints about the trailers outside of Severn River Middle School in Annapolis, claiming the temperature was as low as 43 degrees.  But school spokesman Bob Mosier says the students were moved inside. 

Mosier said it hasn't been ideal but principals are doing what they can so the learning continues.

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