Give your running a lift


I started venturing into the male-dominated area of the gym years ago, and I've never turned back.  Every now and then, it cracks me up when a stranger walks over and tells me I'm doing something wrong.  But, for the most part, I'm comfortable lifting weights right next to guys.

If you ever have a running injury, a doc might say the long-term cure is to run less and add weights to the routine.  Put simply, if the muscles around those tender joints, like the knees, are strong, you may avoid that common ache in the IT band and Achilles Tendonitis. 

Listen ladies, you're not going to get too big. You may add weight, but it's muscle not fat. 
If weight is a concern, stop studying the scale and start paying attention to your dress size.

So here's to BodyPump and boot camp classes getting me out of running every day and helping me feel stronger when 10 miles is the mission this week.  Thursday here we come!!!    

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