Fake email claims Bongino running for governor

Severna Park, Md. - He made a run for a Maryland senate seat against Ben Cardin and many suspect Republican Dan Bongino will campaign to become our next governor.  But it appears someone is rushing things along.

The former Secret Service agent now has a new case to investigate after discovering someone sent a bogus email claiming to be associated with his campaign team.  The bogus message, which was sent to numerous media outlets, indicated Bongino was running for governor in 2014.

The email came from a Gmail account and may have been an attempt to sabotage an actual announcement from Bongino's campaign that was planned for Tuesday.  Bongino says he's exploring a run for political office in the future, including the governor.

Bongino believes this fake email is just the latest attempt to sabotage his efforts.  Still many believed the message was legitimate, right down to his choice of running mate, Alan Keyes.  But Bongino was quick to correct the email, saying, "I've never met Alan Keyes.  I don't think I've ever actually seen Alan Keyes even in person.  Clearly there are people who are intimidated by us and our grassroots organization.  I don't know who they are but it really disappoints me people would stoop to this level."

Bongino wants to dig in and find whoever sent the message. ABC2 sent an email to the account, asking the owner to identify themselves.  We did not get a response.

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