Dutch Ruppersberger on Boston Marathon bombings

BALTIMORE - Did the Boston Marathon bombing suspects want to be found?  That is what Maryland Congressmen Dutch Rupperberger says.

In a press conference Friday Ruppersberger, a ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, said the actions of the Tsarnaev brothers, the suspects in the bombings, show they wanted to be caught, and went out "shooting and firing."

After having their pictures shared throughout the United States and the world, they went on to rob a 7-11 with video cameras, shot an MIT officer, and carjacked someone, telling them they were the Massachusetts bombers, he said.

"We assume that they wanted people to know they were out there, wanted to be caught, and wanted to send a message and hurt as many people as they can," he said.

Ruppersberger praised the FBI and law enforcement professionals for their work on the case so far, and said "we will find out exactly how this occurred."

Ruppersberger doesn't think another large scale terror attack could happen because of our technology, but more small "loan wolf" attacks, planned by only a small group of people or an individual, are our biggest concern.

He also stressed the importance of the public alerting the authorities if they see something unusual.  "It is the only way to keep these individuals from going under the radar," he said.

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