Maryland churches help homeless as temp drops below freezing

The bitter cold temperatures have really kicked in over the past few weeks but over the past few months, a group of churches in Anne Arundel County have been keeping the homeless warm.
Pattie Carter has been staying in church shelters in the county for about six weeks.
"It just means the world to me that people do care and there are nice people out there who do care about people who are just down are their like, such as myself, " Carter said.
She is one of 47 people escaping plummeting temperatures through the Winter Relief Program in Anne Arundel County where churches team up to provide shelter one week at a time.
"My daughter and I were in a tent for five months through the summer and then as the winter relief program opened up and it got colder, we were lucky enough to get into here," said Elizabeth Sharp.
Sharp says it was a reverse mortgage that sent her and her daughter out on the streets.
She says it's not just the cold she worries about.
"Safety is just as important as the weather because there are things going on out there that you would never believe. That knockout game coming along, a few of us have been nailed by that right here in the city and it's a terrible thing, so to be safe and warm and with people that care about us is just really, you'll see me tear up shortly, it's just a Godsend. It really is," Sharp told ABC2.
"I don't know what I would do without it, actually. I really don't know what I would do," Carter added.
There are at least 40 churches participating in the Winter Relief Program which lasts through April.
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