Lawmakers to introduce bills to bolster cyber security, innovation industry in Maryland

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller said they've worked about a year, and today the brains behind our universities joined them in Annapolis, to announce a plan on how to grow Maryland business and keep them here.

They announced a commission to study how Maryland is keeping up with education, research, and innovations.

A package of bills will also be introduced to try to make Maryland more competitive.  Their mission is to take advantage of the growing cybersecuity industry with tax credits.

Another bill would establish a lower tax zone in order to build ties with higher education.

"What we've put together, a very comprehensive program for economic development to encourage stimulus and send the message not just to our sister states but to the world that we are the state for research and development," said Senate President Mike Miller.    

"These bills will help us to strengthen our communities, to have investments so that we have connections between the universities and institutions and the employers," said UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski. 

The plan would also move Maryland's estate tax in line with the federal government's over four years, which would lower it overall.

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