Boy wins New Year's Baby 2014 title

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - What better way to start the New Year off than with a new baby.

At 7 pounds and 5 ounces Bryce White was the first baby born in the New Year at Anne Arundel Medical Center. He was born at 12:39 Jan. 1.

They average about 15 babies a day here but Mom wasn't sure he was going to be the first born at the hospital.

"When it was like 11:30 and we still were not in hard labor we kind of gave up hope. Then everything came pretty fast," Tracey Johnston said.

This is the first son for dad and he was a nervous observer.

"I would peep and then look away and then peep again but, once he came it was amazing," Giovanni White said.

Being born on the first of the year is nothing new for this family.

"Thirty years ago I was born in Chestertown. It was the first baby born on Delmarva," Johnston said.

So now on every January first they can celebrate mom's birthday, baby Bryce's birthday and the New Year.

The coincidences never stop for this family. Bryce's dad, Giovanni, was born on the same day as his mom, July 5th. He knows what his boy Bryce will go thru having the same birthday as his mom.

"[You] know you're going to celebrate your birthday with your mom. It's always fun," Johnston said.

Tracey says there's one good advantage to having your birthday on the first of the year.

"You know you always get the day off. It's fun to celebrate," Johnston said.

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