Anne Arundel police re-examining gun transport policy after theft

An Anne Arundel County police spokesman said the department is looking to see whether they need to revise its take-home weapons policy after a thief stole two department issued guns, ammunition and a bullet proof vest from an officer's car last week.

Police said the recent weapons theft was reported Friday after a police officer parked his unmarked police car in front of his Brooklyn Park home Thursday night. When the officer went to his car Friday morning he found both the driver's side door and the trunk were open. He immediately noticed  a department issued Colt 223 rifle, a Sig Sauer SRT 40-caliber service weapon, ammunition and a ballistic vest were missing.

According to Anne Arundel County police's gun transport policy, when not in use, "a personally owned or department issued AR-15 will be carried inside the police vehicle in an approved rack, or in the trunk in a gun case, or in a hard mounted gun storage vault."

Also as part of the policy, "All departmental carbines will be issued with a gun case. Rifles will be stored in the rack or case unloaded, with an empty chamber and no magazine in place. Loaded magazines may be stored in the gun case or in some other area of the car that is not accessible to unauthorized persons. A rifle that is stored in the case may have a magazine pouch containing a loaded magazine attached to the butt stock."

Anyone with information is asked to call Metro Crime Stoppers and the Northern District Detective Unit at 410-222-6135.

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