Anne Arundel County police chief resigns

Chief Larry W. Tolliver of the Anne Arundel County Police Department announced his resignation Tuesday -- to be effective on May 21.

In a press release issued Tuesday evening, Tolliver said the department "needs a chief who can focus solely on the department's mission, something that is challenging to do in the current environment."

"Although it is contemporaneous with these events, my return to retirement is not stimulated by the widely reported recent complaint by an officer, nor by the similar false accusations in anonymous communications, nor by the external interagency investigation currently underway," Tolliver continued.  

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"The Department of Personnel determined that all of the several complaints lodged by an officer were unfounded, except for a single use of an insensitive term in one joking conversation with a personal friend.   I acknowledged that offense before the investigation and apologized for it.   Moreover, I respect the County Executive's authority to order external agencies to examine the Department, its leaders, and its operations.  I have no doubt that this investigation will confirm the significant achievement of the department under my brief leadership and will find that I have enjoyed broad support within the agency for my leadership. 

My retirement is voluntary.  It results from serious introspection and reflects my deep regard for the department.   Although I am proud of the agency's accomplishments since I became chief in the wake of the former Executive's indictment, I understand now that fully restoring the unity of purpose of this Department and trust and truthfulness among its employees will be a long, difficult struggle.   I very much want this department to succeed.  My agreement to return to the department from retirement was always intended to be a transitional step for the department.    No plant can thrive if the farmer insists on continuously pulling it up to check on the growth of its roots.  The department needs stability and long-term leadership to thrive. 

With few exceptions, the men and women in the department cherish their role in protecting the public and give their best every day to that purpose.   The public can feel safe in their hands.  I thank them for their integrity, their dedication, and their support for me during my time as their chief.  I wish them only the very best as they continue that important mission."

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