Anne Arundel county man charged with child solicitation

HARRISBURG, Pa. - HARRISBURG, Pa. - An Anne Arundel County man is accused of trying to convince what he thought was a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him. Instead, it was an undercover operation out of Pennsylvania.

George Lundskow, 51, is charged with unlawful contact with a minor, aggravated indecent assault and statutory sexual assault, as well as other charges.

Investigators from the Child Predator Unit of the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General say they first came across Lundskow in August 2012.  They say he first contacted an account that was being run by an investigator pretending to be a 14-year-old girl.

During the investigation, authorities say Lundskow asked for various sexual favors if he ever met up with the girl and asked her to send pictures of herself.

At one point, court documents show, Lundskow stated that he didn't know the laws for Pennsylvania, but said that he could "probably go to the jail for 20 years…but only if I got caught…lol."

On Friday there was
no answer at the home Lundskow shares with his wife and neighbors say, a daughter.

The home sits on a cul-de-sac -- South Viking Drive in Arnold, not far from Annapolis.

On Friday several police officers were at the home.  Neighbors say they took Lundskow away.

The criminal complaint lists conversations in Yahoo! chat rooms and on the company's messenger service, between Lundskow and the agent.

"I'm very surprised.  There's a lot of young kids in the area; very nice neighborhood.  We would have never expected this to happen," said Casey Trout, who lives across the street from George Lundskow.

On August 21st, police say the man investigators later found to be Lundskow wrote, "like me to teach you a few things?

The agent wrote, "what?"

To which Lundskow responded, "make out, and other stuff"

By November, police say Lundskow was chatting about sexual positions with the agent, and trying to arrange a meeting.

During a chat on November 14th police say the agent wrote, "do u think I'm too young"

Lundskow responded, "probably, but I think being with you would be amazingly hot"

The chats later that month and into December are even more graphic.  At that time, the agent began working with Yahoo! to identify the user she had been chatting with.

Last month, police say Lundskow sent pornographic pictures of himself to the agent.  And now the criminal charges against Lundskow have been filed.

The Capital Gazette in Annapolis has confirmed that Lundskow is an employee there.


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