11 disciplined for cyber bullying in Anne Arundel County

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Administrators caught 11 Annapolis High School students cyber bullying after they got a tip earlier this week.

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"We launched an investigation," Bob Mosier, Anne Arundel County Public Schools spokesman, said. "That investigation resulted in appropriate discipline action for 11 students who were found to be involved and that disciplinary action was handed down on Tuesday morning."

School officials say one student took a picture of another student and posted it online. The caption with the picture were nasty.

The photo was one part of the issue, the inappropriate comment attached is another part of the issue.

Students familiar with the case say one student tweeted the picture.  The tweet was "favorited" or re-tweeted 10 times. Those 10 students were punished.

But some students we talked with think the punishments are too tough.

"There was no need for that many suspensions," Dylan Morton, an Annapolis High 10 th grader, said.

Nathan Hart, another 10 th grader added, "I don't know why all the people had to get into trouble."

School officials wouldn't describe the punishment handed down. Punishment for cyber bullying can range from detention all the way up to expulsion.

"It's a very serious problem in our society today and the fact that anyone with a cell phone or a smart phone can attach an inappropriate message to a photo and get it to a large number of people instantaneously makes it even more cruel," Mosier said. 

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